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Paul Aidan Richardson

Paul Aidan Richardson

Author and Poet

Poetry Selections

Below are some short selections from the poetry of Paul Aidan Richardson.

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"The poetry of Paul Richardson is intensely spiritual, though not in any conventionally religious sense, seeking meaning, continuity and universality from diverse influences. While working on this website, on many occasions I have been moved to pause and reflect."

Dave Pope - Webmaster

28.5 x 12cm Print of "Who Will Bury Me" with every order

A New Beginning

Collected poems in three short anthologies:

  • A New Beginning

  • A Mighty Sea

  • Warriors of the Great Plains

"Is this what I have lived for?
A place at heaven's gate
The pleasure of drinking from the cup of plenty
And food served off a golden plate

Or is it all a wistful dream
That came upon me unexpectedly
When, on turning life's corner
I stared into the face of reality."

PRICE £9.99

A Lone Voyager

An anthology of poems inspired by the sea:


"Life, what can I give thee
Life, what is my end?
O God shed forth Thy light
So that I may find myself
And be my own friend."

PRICE £9.99

Warriors of the Great Plains

Four inspirational poems printed on card over illustrations, in a presentation pack.

  • Warrior Stag
  • Eagle Feather's Lament
  • And some went to the shores
  • Plea To The Great Spirit

PRICE 4.99


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