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Paul Aidan Richardson

Paul Aidan Richardson

Author and Poet


A New Beginning

A Collection of Paul's Poems

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A short introduction to Paul and his writing:

“I’ve had no formal training in English so it doesn’t take a genius to drive a coach and horses through the technical side of my writing.

A poem can spend weeks if not months simmering beneath the surface of my mind before it is uncorked by a small incident or the use of a single word that captures the essence of my thoughts. Once the poem has ‘arrived’ I try very hard not to refine or adjust its contents for once I start meddling the whole piece seems to implode”


Born on Friday 13th August 1948, the second son of a Northumbrian vicar, Paul’s early poems reflect that period of having to act as an unofficial curate! Although he is quick to emphasise that he is no ‘bible puncher’. “...spontaneity only adds to the readability.."
Berwick Advertiser
Indeed many of these poems contain an element of questioning the spiritual life, questions that were frequently asked by parishioners, followed by Paul’s answers. Certainly poems such as ‘Who Will Bury Me’ are coveted by the clergy of all denominations. Even the shorter poems are used to convey people’s emotions by the publishing of them on the funeral programmes, an example being 'Snowdrops. Many readers emphasise with that simple theory that once a project, a period of life or life itself has run its course then there should always follow a 'New Beginning'.


“.represents feelings that are understandable and identifiable in us all..”
Kevin Whatley (Actor)
Paul’s rural upbringing coupled with that of his childhood enthusiasm for the cowboy heroes whom he admired when watching the old black and white ‘flicks’, led him to visit America on many occasion even to the extent that he now rears American Quarter Horses in the UK. His poems about the plight of the Native Americans are now becoming recognised in both America and the UK, indeed ‘Talulah’ a love poem is now a recognised standard at many wedding ceremonies.

All of Paul’s family have been associated with the Navy and certainly Lord Nelson ranks very firmly alongside John Wayne as his favourite heroes! The inspirational nature of the Northumbrian coastline, particularly of the home that Paul has inhabited on Holy Island serves as a background to his third ‘love’…..The Sea.
“ and respect for the Native World view is palpable in the writings...” John Fusco (Producer and writer of ‘Hidalgo’ and ‘The Young Guns’)

With the Ocean one treads that fine line that separates calm from rage; the majesty of a storm from the quiet stillness. It brings forth life and takes life in return; the mysteries of the deep will remain for all time for she is always evolving, has a heart beat and personality that is reflected in our own inherent nature.

Probably the most requested and read are 'The Purifying Storm', 'The Drowning Of Jeannie McDonald' and 'Shipwrecked'.

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