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Paul Aidan Richardson

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The "Jack" series:

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Jack in the Pulpit by Jack Richardson

Jack in the Pulpit by Jack Richardson

'This is an enchanting book full of zest and love of life. Jack Richardson is humorous and compassionate and interested in all that goes on around him and how delightfully this shows in his writings with their charmful blend of wit and sensitivity.

I remember his cheery presence so well as a child, and what a popular figure he was at Burnmoor - the image of his constantly smiling face can be conjured up in an instant, despite the gap of some 35 years.

The one black spot for me in this book is the reference to my vile behaviour of which, thankfully, I have no memory but of which I am heavily ashamed - what a blessing that the hand of God's representative was laid upon me with such swift retribution.'

Lady Lucinda Lambton

PRICE 7.99 Incl. UK  Postage

Jack in the Navy by Jack Richardson

Jack in the Navy by Jack Richardson

Jack Richardson writes like an angel but he knows the devil well enough to recognise him, even when he pops up in the most unlikely circumstances. Jack in the Navy makes you laugh, cry and end up knowing yourself better!

Gillian Reynolds

Jack's hilarious and touching reminiscences make a marvellous read.

Newcastle Journal

He's a natural story-teller compassionate and funny.

Tyne Tees Television

PRICE 7.99 Incl. UK Postage

Jack in the Spirit by Jack Richardson

Jack in the Spirit by Jack Richardson

In his Latest book Jack Richardson turns ghost-buster and meets a haunting variety of phantoms and spirits, from a ghostly boatman to an apparition partial to bacon sandwiches, from phantom cats and dogs to mysterious pranksters. It is a book guaranteed to make you hoot with laughter and at the same time set your spine tingling

This is the third much-awaited book from well-loved retired cleric, Jack Richardson, author of jack in the Pulpit and Jack in the Navy.


PRICE 7.99 Incl. UK Postage

Back to the Pulpit by Jack Richardson

Back to the Pulpit by Jack RichardsonFor this his fourth book Jack Richardson continues his tales from the pulpit, following on from his best-selling "Jack in the Pulpit". Jack Richardson's stories are always a delight with their mixture of humour and compassion. He is a natural storyteller and his latest book is bound to be yet another roaring success.




PRICE 7.99  Incl. UK Postage


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