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Paul Aidan Richardson

Talulah Publishing

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Ekaterinburg, Russia, July 1918. Tsar Nicholas II, together with his family and loyal retainers is brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks. The Romanov jewellery is recovered by Lenin's Red Army but the priceless Russian Orthodox icon, Empress Alexandra's last great comfort, is lost. Almost one hundred years later Harry Cadwell is commissioned to discover the icon's whereabouts, only to find him and his two friends Sam and Geordie catapulted into a world of art forgery and death.

Richardson's art of storytelling
lets rip once again.

'Bridges, skyscrapers and the will of a feeble idiot are all made to bend. If they don't, they snap and when they do, it's usually the beginning of something bad'
'Meaning someone usually gets killed.'

PRICE: £9.99 Incl. UK Postage

Icon by Paul Aidan Richardson

Footsteps of the Brave by Paul Aidan Richardson


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